Thursday, May 23

CiM's Wisteria and Lavender Water

This post displays beads with two new colors of CiM- Creation is Messy glass that sold out almost as fast as it was offered.
Purple glass seems to be most sought out as a favorite and the two hues highlighted in this post are no disappointment. 
CiM's Lavender Water Ltd Run  is a transparent color that shifts between lavender and grey depending on the lighting. 
CiM's Wisteria Ltd Run is a misty opal lavender that I have previously posted about. Click here for it paired with Double Helix Aurae.

For the beads below, CiM's Lavender Water Ltd Run was the base of the centre of the focal faux vessel with CiM's Wisteria Ltd Run shoulders. Mixed Double Helix silver glass was swirled and encased with clear. The spacer beads are CiM's Wisteria Ltd Run.

The set below uses the same combinations of glass and the focal big hole bead was shaped into a long barrel. Notice the mother of pearl shine from the silver glass in the natural light.

In this last bead, I experimented with Double Helix's Notos and 99% fine silver wire. CiM's Lavender Water Ltd Run was the base with the Effetre clear capturing the suspended reactions in clear. 

Although these glasses are showing as SOLD OUT at the CiM- Creation is Messy site, you may want to reach out to a local distributor to check their stock availability. 

CiM colors are available through . Contact Jean or Jennifer for your glass needs!


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