Saturday, May 18

Testing 2019 CiM Colors with Silver Glass

This post carries on with more CiM - Creation Is Messy glass combinations with silver glass.

First up is a barrel bead made with a base of CiM's Aiko Ltd Run in the centre and CiM Emperor ends. 

This bead has surface treatments of several silver glasses including Double Helix glasses including Kronos 2, Skiron and Aether in powders and shards. The bead was completed with a generous wrap of fine silver wire. The spacers are CiM's Aiko.

This bead has a base of CiM's Enchanted Ltd Run, with stripes of CiM Aiko. Double Helix Skiron shards were added and gently warmed to a golden glow. The spacers are matching Aiko.

This last bead was testing how Double Helix Skiron silver glass would react on a base of CiM Little Boy Blue. I superheated the bead and it produced highlights of purples and magenta. Definitely will be trying some further testing with these two glasses. The spacer beads are CiM's Little Boy Blue (now Sold Out).

Finally, this barrel bead made with a base of CiM's Egg White with a generous wrap of Skiron and 99% fine silver wire. 

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