Wednesday, January 30

Spring 2019 - New CiM Color - Wisteria Ltd Run

Well despite the snow and cold weather outside, the glass studio is brightening up for Spring 2019.
The new color samples from CiM- Creation Is Messy arrived and as you may have seen on the Pendragonfyre Facebook page, there are lots to experiment with.

Today's post highlights a glorious new purple that was the first color to catch my eye in this new package!
Wisteria Ltd Run is a misty opal lavender. Like most lavender glasses, it is a color shifter  - it goes bluer under fluorescent lighting, and a warmer pink cast under natural lighting.

For this initial test, I tried pairing it with Double Helix's popular silver reduction glass, Aurae.

The silver glass did fume the surface of the Wisteria bead slightly, but the result is still very beautiful. The spacers show true color of the glass.

All the new CiM colors are available through Contact Jean for your glass needs!

Stay Tuned for new colors and new beads!

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