Friday, February 1

Spring 2019 - New CiM Color - Amethyst

This post carries on with sneak peeks for spring!

Today's new 2019 CiM color is Amethyst.

I have many clients that love purple so any new additions to the purple color palette are always welcomed. 
CiM - Creation is Messy's new Amethyst is a light transparent purple that leans toward the blue side reducing the brown cast that some purples can create.
As spacers, it is a very pretty light purple as seen in the photo below.

When combined with silver glass, it is important to note my observations below in your bead creation plans.

If you combine it with silver glass know that will fume a golden cast on any base glass. 
As seen below, I used a ribbon of Double Helix Kronos 2 over the base of Amethyst and encased it in Double Helix's non reactive Zephyr. The purple base fumed a bit around the edges, while the blues within Kronos 2 bloomed to beautiful blue green hues.

In the photo below, I simply melted the Kronos 2 scrolls into the surface of the Amethyst before I encased it again in clear glass. The silver glass fumed a golden cast which appears more pronounced as a brown cast over the bead. 

Lesson Learned: This new purple is wonderful addition to my glass color palette. Getting to know each of these new glasses and how they collaborate with each other is key to amazing bead creations. 
My plan to test this again in beads with non silver color combinations will be shared in future blog posts.

CiM's website is my go-to resource for information and previews of each color in their extensive color offerings. I am impressed each time I visit to see how the lampworking community shares their beautiful creations, ongoing discoveries and feedback. Proud to be part of this collaboration effort!

All the new CiM colors are available through Contact Jean for your glass needs!

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