Sunday, February 10

Torch Session - Revisiting CiM Colors - The Pink and Neutral Palettes

CiM - Creation Is Messy’s extensive list of colors to a new beadmaker may seem overwhelming. Beautiful colors with amazingly creative names.
The best resource to seem some time getting to know the color ranges is the CiM website.
In this post, I am revisiting a few older glasses that deserve another look.

Today’s post are beads from the Pink and Neutral Palettes

CiM's Razzleberry Ltd Run is one of the coolest glasses that I have worked with. It is now rare and sold out, so I pull it out every so often to experiment and remember just how cool it is. A transparent lavender blue in rod form, hot pink when worked.
IN the set below, I paired it with CiM's Cottontail Ltd Run, a pale opal peach. With a quick wrap of 99% fine silver wire, I colored are perfect with each other. The silver wire fumed the glass just a touch and I was happy with the spacer beads. They were created with a base of Cottontail with a layer of Razzleberry.

CiM's Spooky Ltd Run is a white opal glass that melts easily and keeps is clean translucent tone when worked with other colors. The spacers below shows CiM's Spooky's white goodness. The focal bead used CiM's Razzleberry Ltd Run to create the striated rich pink tones.

Below CiM Spooky Ltd Run was the base of the cube frit bead. The glass was sprinkled with some blended pink frit. There was no adverse reaction and the while color remained true.

Another rare CiM pink is Sakura Ltd Run. This glass when paired with silver infused glass, the pink seemed to take on a peachy pink cast.  In the set below, the centre beads were sprinkled with Double Helix fine Aurae frit and reduced to a glittering goodness!

The final glass to review in this post is CiM's Charcoal Ltd Run . It is an extremely dark gray that appears in the rod to be almost black. The set below was a simple pairing with 99% fine silver wire wraps.

Where this glass really sings is when it is combined with silver glass. I can't remember just how many pounds of this glass I have used over the years, but 90% of the beads were with Double Helix reduced silver glasses.

In the set below, Double Helix Aurae fine silver frit was reduced bringing a metallic bling to the bead. There is no fuming of the bead keeping the CiM Charcoal gray clean and classic.

I look forward to a few days in the studio next week. No one enjoys taking vacation in the studio more than me! 

Stay Tuned to new posts as I work through the remaining CiM 2019 colors for Spring.


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