Tuesday, February 5

Spring 2019 - New CiM Colors - Tahitian Pearl, Weeping Willow, Baked Alaska, Cerulean and Wheatgrass

This new post focusses on the new CiM - Creation is Messy's Tahitian Pearl Ltd Run.
This new glass is a gray based metallic black that creates a gunmetal finish as it melts.

The bead tests below each used this new CiM offering in a variety of ways to decorate new beads.

Here CiM’s Weeping Willow Ltd Run, an opaque green, is paired here with streams and dots of CiM’s new Tahitian Pearl glass

Tahitian Pearl melts easily and smoothly so I enjoyed blowing some new glass shards to add to these beads.

CiM’s Cerulean Ltd Run is paired with handblown shards of CiM’s Tahitian Pearl glass. The shards shine in the sunlight and creates an "armour-like" look in natural light.

Here it is paired with CiM’s new Wheatgrass Ltd Run green transparent.

The photo below shows my "rivet" beads using the Tahitian Pearl  to resemble metal decoration over CiM’s Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska, an opaque yellowish neutral, is a new premium glass offering that contains silver and as it is worked in the flame will create deeper golden cast the longer it is held in the flame through cooling and warming cycles.

CiM's website is my go to resource for information and previews of each color in their extensive color offerings. I am impressed each time I visit to see how the lamp working community shares their beautiful creations, ongoing discoveries and feedback. Proud to be part of this collaboration effort!

All the new CiM colors are available through www.nortelglass.com. Contact Jean for your glass needs!

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