Saturday, February 9

ICYMI - Double Helix Silver Glass Test Beads

Just a quick post on some Double Helix silver testing that I completed a while back but realized I didn't post.

Each of the beads below used Effetre Pale Lavender as a base. As with all lavender glasses, they shift their color based on the lighting. In the photos below, the glass is more on the pink side under the studio lamps.

The focal bead  was made on on a base of Pale Lavender with layers of Double Helix's Rhea ruby and ribbon of Double Helix Psyche encased in clear glass. This allows the silver infused glass to bloom within the Psyche to blues and creams.

In the photo below, the barrel bead used similar layering and bloomed with a more muted pattern. The Psyche rings at each end fumed the surface of the bead to a golden cast. 

Below are two photos of the same bead showing the change in the bead based on lighting.


Starting again with a base of Effetre Pale Lavender, I added streams of CiM - Creation is Messy's CiM Serenity Ltd Run. This brought out some teal tones to compliment the streams of Double Helix Psyche captured under the clear glass encasement. I added 99% fine silver wire on each end of the bead.

Studio Light Tent

Have a great weekend!

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