Tuesday, February 19

Spring 2019 - New CiM Colors - Egg White & Lemonade

This post carries on with CiM - Creation Is Messy sneak peeks for Spring 2019!

The two glasses revealed in this post are misty white opals. Each of these new glasses were engineered in response to color requests for a soft yellow. The difference between the two is that CiM's Egg White Ltd Run will stay translucent after annealing in the kiln.

CiM’s Lemonade Ltd Run is a pale yellow misty opal paired here with a mixture of several Double Helix silver glass and streams of 99%fine silver wire encased in clear.  The spacers show the beautiful pale yellow in this lemony glass.

CiM's EggWhite Ltd Run is a whitish opal with a hint of yellow that stays translucent. These barrel beads used this glass as a base for encased Val Cox Isabella silver infused glass frit. 
Each photo shows the same three beads from different perspectives.

All the new CiM colors are available through www.nortelglass.com. Contact Jean for your glass needs!

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