Thursday, May 11

Simple Rounds with Silvered Ivory Stringers!

On the post today, the focus is to show how silvered ivory stringer can be used in a variety of ways with both transparent and opaque glasses.

As I am learning more each studio session how my new kiln works, I have been using the sessions to make as many beads as possible to understand the value of having the larger kiln.
This past session, I created 88 beads in one sitting... which I think it the most for a day yet.
I will share the beads over the next couple of blog posts and hope you enjoy seeing them.

Today, the simple silvered ivory stinger stripe on transparent glasses.

On CiM - Creation Is Messy Larkspur, a transparent color that shifts between blue and lavender depending on your lighting. I definitely suggest you check out the photos on the CiM website to better understand how this glass changes color under sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent. It is quite cool.

The next two transparent are Effetre glasses that Nortel gifted me when I visited last month.

Effetre Light Aquamarine 034 - such a lovely sea inspired color!

The next Effetre color was coded on the Italian sticker as Amethyst but in checking online it appears to be named Pale Purple 046. It is a very pretty purple  transparent that I previously used for encasing over white in my Love Sonnet beads.

 All of these glasses are economical in price and powerful in their color saturation.

Stay tuned for more beads coming in my next post!
As always, I suggest you reach out to Nortel to place your glass orders. They carry an extensive selection of CiM glass as well as Double Helix, Riley Dichro and glass frit.


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