Wednesday, May 24

Rediscovering Effetre Colors - Strawberry Shake

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog where I share my passion for glass beads and jewelry making. 

Today I want to show you a beautiful glass color from Effetre Strawberry Shake 681 available at Nortel in Toronto. 
This is a light and creamy glass with a hint of pink that looks delicious. 

I couldn't find much information about this glass online, so I decided to experiment with it and see what I could create.

I paired it with some of my silver glass from Double Helix: Eros and Aurae Light. I made some thin stringers of these two colors and applied them on the Strawberry Shake base in different designs. 

Then I encased them with clear glass and added some dots of Aurae Light to complete each bead. I reduced the dots to bring out the metallic shine of the silver glass.

The result was amazing! The Strawberry Shake glass blended well with the silver glass and created a lovely contrast of colors and textures. The beads look like yummy desserts with caramel and strawberry swirls. 

I love how they turned out! The spacers are pure Strawberry Shake so you can see the faint lines of pale strawberry "juice".

This is a great example of how you can use an inexpensive and simple glass color like Effetre Strawberry Shake 681 and make it look stunning with some silver glass accents.
This is another overlooked Effetre glass that is economical in price.

If you want to try this glass or any other glass that I use in my blog, I recommend you to order from Nortel. They have a huge selection of CiM, Double Helix, Riley Dichro and glass frit that you can choose from. They are very friendly and helpful too!


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