Thursday, May 21

CiM 2020 New Colors - Round 6

The number of new colors for 2020 CiM - Creation is Messy were immense. 
I have loved the opportunity to try out each new color.

This will be Round 6 of testing with an expectation of another couple of blog posts to complete the full review of all the beads I have created.

CiM - Creation Is Messy’s new Rosaline Pink Ltd Run is a pale cloudy pink transparent that was very shocky to melt. Double Helix's Kalypso silver glass was added to create wispy flame like waves within this focal bead with a few copper dragonfly encased in clear Zephyr. The spacers are pure Rosaline Pink.

This heart bead has a base of Rosaline Pink with streams of CiM Peace and Double Helix Kalypso encased in Zephyr clear.

This focal bead has the same combination with the shine of silver glass ruffles on each side.

Within this batch of test glass, Kathy at CiM created 2 colors that included micro pieces of dichro sparkle. They don't have fancy names as they were coded by number.  I wanted to share the photos of the results. Hopefully Kathy will continue to try out these sorts of formulations as I enjoyed trying them out.
Here is a sneak peek of the first one, I will post more about this one in my next blog post.
The sparkle is definitely there!

The second sparkly glass is in the set below.
A bright misty opal blue, CiM’s Surf's Up Ltd Run is a happy blue like Peacock Feather, it’s translucent sister glass. These barrels combine this opal blue with a limited test glass by CiM that has micro pieces of dichroic glass sparkle within the teal transparent glass ( CiM Poolside with sparkle). A wrap of 99% fine silver wire completes each bead.

This heart uses the same combinations.

CiM’s Shamrock Ltd Run is a perfect pair for Double Helix’s OX459 green silver buster glass. The glass stayed rich and translucent in each of these beads.  A few cooper foil decorations were added to one of the focal beads. The spacers are pure Shamrock Ltd Run.

So that is the Round 6 of test results. Til next post!



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