Friday, March 20

Nortel's CiM Glass Sampler - Bountiful Harvest - Part 1

This is the first post to cover off new beads made with CiM - Creation Is Messy glasses within Nortel's Bountiful Harvest sampler.
This sampler is available via Nortel's online order site.

The 15 colors included in the sampler are:
CIM277 Phoenix
CIM720 Autumn
CIM442 Prairie Grass
CIM465 Oobleck
CIM718 Indian Summer
CIM216 Monarch
CIM217 Harvest
CIM106 Fire Cracker
CIM780 Maple
CIM121 Garnet
CIM487 Poison Apple
CIM729 Serengeti
CIM211 Orange Crush
CIM308 Ochre
CIM470 Eden

Although this sampler seems to be more of a "autumn" set of colors, I thought the colors are bright and cheerful for this first day of spring!

I recently used a few of these in previous posts, so as I work thru this sampler, I will"throw-back" to beads where I have already used up the sample rods.

For this post we will cover off 5 colors, so let's get started.

These 2 beads were created on a based on CiM Serengeti. This is an opaque earthy brown with red undertonesI made hand-blown glass shards of a Double Helix test glass named DH OX459. These shine beautiful when added to the Serengeti base bead.

I had a bunch of shards on a shelf in my studio that I purchased from I hadn't worked with them since I learned to make my own. I pulled them out to spend an afternoon using them.

CiM's Poison Apple is a dense, saturated opal green that has always seemed to turn into an opaque glass after it is worked and annealed in the kiln. It has been in production for many years, artists have asked for CiM to try and re-engineer this glass to keep it's translucency. 
I received a rod of the new formula, so I will review it in a future post.
The beads below are the older formula.
You can see in the bead set how some beads are more opaque than others. this is due to the heat and amount of time the glass was worked. The shards are named Rainforest.

This bead shows the difference from the centre of the bead to the glass closer to the surface.

CiM Autumn is an opaque peachy brown. 
In this set of beads I used shards named Mood Swings. 
I wasn't overjoyed with the shard results, but the end result of the 99% fine silver wrap helped make these beads look a bit more rustic and I may try etching them to see if that endears them to me more. CiM's Autumn is still a beautiful glass color with a bit of a reaction to silver.

CiM Firecracker is an opaque dark cherry red that I have tested in the past with silver glass and it really sings!

For this test, I used Midnight Shards and the blue/ silvered ivory against the rich red is really pretty. My only observation was that Firecracker was a bit shock with a few small air bubbles in  the rod.

CiM Maple is a transparent warm golden brown. I have used this glass many times in the past and it is a go to brown when paired with silver or silver glass.

This set of beads were decorated with my own hand blown shards of silvered ivory.

Happy Spring!

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