Thursday, April 2

CiM 2020 New Colors - Round 2 Wrap up

The folks at CiM -Creation Is Messy continue to amaze with their new 2020 color selection! 
As these are limited runs of colors, these will sell fast. Canadian bead makers, please monitor the Nortel online store for when these will be offered.

This bead set uses a combination of three new CiM Ltd Run colors for 2020. Witches’ Brew, Unicorn and Goldfish are striped into crystal shaped beads with a sprinkling of Val Cox Coy Koiglass frit. 
The CiM working notes for Goldfish did say that it was it was a mismelt of now sold out CiM Clockwork orange that did not strike enough. 
My observation did find the same when using it, it took a lot of heating and cooling cycles to bring out the color. As I use a lot of silver glass in my beads, I tend to work cooler than other beadmakers.
The barrel bead is a centre of Unicorn with Witches Brew ends and frit. The spacers are solid colors of the three new colors.

CiM’s new Heather Ltd Run is a cloudy transparent magenta - a true purply-pink. In this set, it worked beautifully with Double Helix Helios silver glass. It melted smoothly with no adverse reaction other than a slight golden hue.

CiM’s new Onyx Ltd Run is a dense black with no major metallic reactions. But it was a happy accident to see that it did bring out some beautiful blues with I used my own hand blended Pendragonfyre frit. As Onxy is so dense, each of these beads have a CiM Clear core with just a layer of Onyx. This makes it an economical choice for using up shorts of clear as they are hidden in the finished bead.

CiM’s new Onyx Ltd Run black with Double Helix Psyche silver glass. The combination plays well!
The barrel beads are bases of CiM’s Summer Haze Ltd Run with blown shards of Onyx with Pendragonfyre frit!

CiM’s new Montezuma Ltd Run is a silver laden blue glass so in testing, I wanted to push the silver to the limit. The flat tab beads has Double Helix silver glass murrini reduced and encased. The barrel bead has the same murrain but with a sprite dragonfly copper foil encasement. As you can see from the spacers, this silver laden Montezuma yields blues and greens the more it is worked in the flame. Lots of potential in this beautiful glass!

So that is the Round 2 of test results. Check back next week for another post of glassy goodness!



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