Tuesday, March 17

Queen's Court Sampler - Part 3 Results

This post will cover the last of the test beads using the CiM - Creation Is Messy glass colors within the Nortel Queen's Court Sampler pack.

This first set of crystal  and barrel shaped beads were created with stripes of the following Limited Run colors:
Ocher, an opaque yellow
Monarch, an opaque yellow orange
Budgerigar, a misty opal kiwi green
Oobleck, an opaque vibrant acid green
Each bead was sprinkled with Val Cox rare Purple Rose made with Z-99 glass frit
I rarely use my small supply of this frit as it is no longer available for purchase.
A few beads got a wrap of 99% fine silver wire which was melted in for a tactile feel.

These fine silver wire wrapped beads were created on bases of CiM Butter Pecan, a creamy non reactive opaque beige and CiM Maroon Ltd Run, a dense maroon red. 
The glass melted smoothly and there was no adverse reaction against the silver so colors stayed true.

These mini beads were created on bases of CiM Red Alert Ltd Run, a bright red and CiM Blue Arrow Frog Ltd Run, a bright opaque blue
Simple dots of CiM Peace for a classic look.

The next few posts for this blog will review some colors within another Nortel Sampler named Bountiful Harvest as well as previewing new 2020 CiM color releases!

Stay Tuned and thank you for following Pendragonfyre Tales!


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