Wednesday, April 26

Midweek Bits and Bobs For Beads!

Just a few beads to share today to get through the last full week of April.

The glass frit bead set for this week is highlighting Val Cox Oleander frit over a base glass of CiM - Creation Is Messy's Lumen. It is described as an ethereal white moonstone.

This particular frit is a beautiful blend of gold pinks transparent and translucent frits, with an accent of spring green. 
The pinks leds-bearing qualities strike quickly and this is a frit to use "only a sprinkle" as it will spread.
Along with the round beads, there is one single heart as an accent bead.
The shape of these beads is simple but the focus is on the silver glass tendril running under the clear encasement.

Created on a base of CiM Mantis green, ribbed streams of Double Helix Psyche was added, reduced and encased under Double Helix Zephyr clear. 
A few dots of Psyche were added for surface texture.

This round focal "big hole bead" started with a clear Zephyr core, dotted with CiM Hades black and Double Helix Garage Sale 2016 test glass coded as CL/OD.e. 

This glass is a relative of Clio which is a color shifting reducing glass.
As I had over struck it to create the golden tan reaction and wrap of 99% fine silver, its color is natural and understated. 
Silver glass doesn't always have to be all shine and glitter!

One last set comprised of a focal "big hole bead" barrel created with a combination of Double Helix Zephyr and Lumiere Luster Agua Verde, an incredible dichroic-like color shift in micron thin flake. 
There is a faint stream of Double Helix "mystery" glass that was a single rod including in one of past glass orders.

Capturing the luster flake between layers of clear glass is a bit tricky... I need much more practice with this technique until I am comfortable in creating beads consistently.
The spacer beads are a mix of several CiM pale green transparents.

May is just around the corner! 
Thank you for tuning in and follow my journey to the creating of my online shop later this spring.


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