Tuesday, April 10

New Spring 2018 CiM Colors - Cotswald Blue and Serengeti

CiM's Serengeti Ltd Run is described as opaque earthy brown with red undertones.

I found that it started as a caramel brown but works to darker tones as it is lightly heated (so lightly that you are really just wafting it in the back of the flame).

I used some silver foil and a sprinkling of my own hand blended Pendragonfyre frit. My frit contains some rare purple rose glass and raku as 2 of the ingredients. It creates some beautiful patterning with the micro-dots of silver framing the bits of colored glass.

The result is the base glass makes the frit really sing! 

I definitely need to do more experimentation with this glass as the levels of tone provides lots of option for bead making.

CiM's Cotswold Blue Ltd Run is a muted opaque teal.
I used the same silver foil and frit glass mix and the result is also very pretty.

I was concerned that other beadmakers had reported striations in the glass once it was worked, but I saw only minimal striations so I suggest working it in a cooler flame to keep these under control.

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