Thursday, April 12

New Spring 2018 CiM Colors - Camouflage and Amphibian

CiM's Camouflage Ltd Run is an opaque olive green with a hint of gray.

Personally I am not a big fan of gray greens as I struggle to choose coordinating colors to try against is as a base.

In this test, I decided to continue to test these new spring glasses with silver and chose to use silver foil and a glass frit from Val Cox named Victoria in this set of test beads.

Camouflage did well with silver foil and the micro dots of frit scattered around the glass frit patterns.

I am pleased with the results!

CiM's Amphibian Ltd Run is another gray green as part of the new spring 2018 color offerings.

On the CiM - Creation is Messy website, it is described as an opaque pale slate green that I thought would have more striations based on the color page.

I found it to be more green than gray the beads that I created.
I used some handmade Raku shards that I placed in an "armor" pattern and reduced them to a dull bronze like metal.
The base glass may have gotten a bit of fuming from the shards but the green really is predominant in the plain spacer beads as well.

So this brings us to the end of the CiM 2018 new colors. They have arrived at Nortel and Jean is ready to take your requests. Give her a shout and grab up some of these colors soon as they are limited editions.



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