Monday, April 9

Spring 2018 - New CiM- Creation is Messy Colors - Merryweather

A beautiful new blue glass!

CiM's Merryweather is a blue opal that just seems to glow from within.

Here in this bead set, I simply used 99% fine silver wire to decorate the surface of the focal beads. As I wanted to make a full set of barrel beads, I paired Merryweather (right hand side of each bead) with an existing CiM glass called Pulsar, a transparent aqua blue.

The combination is stunning and the silver wire wrapped on the surface completes the set.

These blues melted smoothly with no bubbling.

Please note that Merryweather is a limited run color, so get it while is it available. You will not want ot miss out on this one!

Contact Jean at Nortel for Canadian supplies of CiM Glass!


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