Sunday, April 8

Spring 2018 - New CiM- Creation is Messy Colors - Lilac & Banana Cream

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Just a quick post with 2 more new spring colors!

CiM's Lilac is a pale purple/pink opaque glass that melts beautifully and is not reactive to silver. As a result, no fuming or disclosure keeping the clean beautiful color it was intended to be.
Here in this bead set, I simply used 99% fine silver wire to decorate the surface of the focal beads. As you can see as compare to the spacers, the color is beautiful for spring.

CiM's Banana Cream is a light non reactive off white. Some testers have mentioned that as the glass is worked longer, the result has a light yellow effect.

When I paired it with Double Helix silver infused Helios glass in dots, scrolls and lines, the silver glass fumed the Banana Cream a deep golden color. The spacers are quite light in comparison.

The set is beautiful in person, I had it on display yesterday with lots of attention.
It is very eye-catching!

Enjoy your day and stay tuned for more new colors!

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