Thursday, August 18

More testing new glasses!

This post continues to share testing with some new Creation is Messy glasses introduced  earlier this spring.

Silver foil and Pendragonfyre hand blended frit was layered on CiM’s Toto Ltd Run. The results are beautiful with the micro silver droplets and hues of green, blues and purples creating dragon scales. I left these glossy, but they would be earthy with a quick roll in the tumbler.

A look of tie-dyed patterns was revealed in this next set using Double Helix Psyche Light over a base of CiM’s Byzantium Ltd Run, a purple moonstone. In a mixture of bead shapes, the twists and swirls of the silver glass created a perfect set for a bracelet.

I enjoy taking time to create simple round beads challenging to make them small to practice how many I can make on one mandrel. I had lots of fun with CiM’s rare Gooseberry and CiM’s Byzantium Ltd Run
I love these 2 colours together as they remind me of summer berries and currants.

I loved the colour combination that I continued with another set and added CiM Thistledown Ltd Run to the mix. Very pretty.

A new pale green opaque glass from Creation is Messy is Pistachio Ice Cream Ltd Run. I tried a quick bead set with White Effetre and CiM Hades dots. In the spacers there was no separation line of the glass, however with the addition of the dots and reheating, the focal bead does reveal the striation of the green hue.

CiM Moonlight Ltd Run is a pale steel blue transparent glass. I sprinkled and melted in Glass Diversion’s Dynasty Marble Frit and allowed the frit to spread and swirl. The spacers are simply CiM Moonlight.

Finally, a simple set of hand formed tube beads on a base of CiM Coronation Day Ltd Run with a layer of Gaffer purple extra fine frit. The richness of the purple base of Coronation is deep and dark allowing the patterns to form and reach out in Gaffer purple gloriousness!

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