Monday, August 15

Experimenting with Creation is Messy's Experimental Clear Glass

Kathy at Creation Is Messy has introduced a new clear a few months ago, I had tested it back in March and here are the results.

I love it!

The glass was tested with a number of other glasses and I wanted to share with you the results.
The first photo shows 2 beads encased with CiM Experimental. The base is CiM Charlotte pink sprinkled with Goldstone frit. 
I had no issues with encasing with this new clear glass.

Next up are 2 beads with the left being CiM Charlotte with goldstone and a second layer of Charlotte. It is a nice pink that melts easily and is non-reactive. 
The bead on the right is a base of Double Helix Clio sprinkled with goldstone and encased with CiM Experimental. I really like hold the clear glass preserves the silver glass reaction with no unexpected surprises.

I wanted to see how CiM Charlotte and CiM Experimental would react to 99% fine silver wire. It encased with a few expected bubbles but certainly stayed a true pink color. Very pretty.

Another test with Double Helix Clio with 99% fine silver wire was completed to use CiM Experimental once again for encasing the final layer of glass. It may have been the amount of reduction mixed with additional striking produced a variety of results from light golden to amber.

A closer look in these two beads show the variety of results that silver glass can give. The encasing of CiM Experimental was heavenly.

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