Saturday, August 13

4 Months - Challenges and Opportunities When Life Gets In the Way.

My last post was way back in March of this year. I was in the midst of testing new glasses and spending spare time in my studio while the snow blowed outside.

Next came the morning of the 4th of April to wake to feeling odd and realizing that something was definitely wrong. An emergency trip to the physician followed by 4 days in hospital ended with the realization that at 53 years old, I was a victim of a TIA Warning Stroke.

My family and friends were incredibly supportive and caring and I am so grateful for their emails and phone calls. The after effect of the stroke was extreme fatigue and numbness in my face, hands and feet. You really never realize who much you take for granted day in and day out. Even my sense of taste was altered and to this day favourite foods are no longer enjoyable as they once were.

Here we are 4 months later, after a 8 week sick leave that led to a end of one chapter of my career. In hindsight, it was a blessing in that it allowed me to explore a new role and the start of a new adventure in another organization. 

So what happened to the glass studio? Well as they say... life got in the way. All focus was on getting better and getting settled back into a normal routine. 

My devoted hubby and I enjoyed some vacation time in New England earlier this month while taking in a couple of Rob Thomas concerts which were AWESOME! 

I considered the trip therapeutic as the trip allowed us to plan milestones in my recovery plan to achieve wellness.

But I digress, let's get back to the subject of glass. 
I can confirm the following:

  • I am still making beads
  • I am still testing new glass colours and will still continue to share my experience via this blog starting this week.
  • I welcome your feedback and ideas on what you would like to see in future posts.
New beads will appear on this blog over the next day or so, so please stay tuned!

For those wondering about a TIA stroke and how to be aware of the warning signs, please check out this site. Stay informed for yourself and your loved ones.



  1. Sorry to hear about everything that's happening but so happy to hear you're using it to educate others and revamp yourself!

    Much success is coming your way as you are determined enough to keep going!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful