Sunday, September 18

Indian Summer - a study in Autumn colors

A relatively new color in the CiM - Creation Is Messy palette of browns was released early this year. 
It is called Indian Summer and I just got a chance to try it out with some other autumn hues.

This set of beads was created with  a mixture of the following glasses:
CiM Indian Summer Limited Run -  a brown transparent
CiM Allspice Limited Run  - an opal brown
CiM Alley Cat Limited Run  - A rare opaque orange.
Effetre Wine Red
Effetre Light Ivory
Effetre Red Roof Tile

Closeups of the long barrel beads, so the detail of the striations created by mixing the glasses together. I really like Indian Summer as it is a rich transparent that strikes into a rich hue and is smooth to swirl and marvers without surface pitting.

The barrel below shows the richness of CiM Indian Summer on the ends. The centre is Effetre Wine Red with swirls of CiM Alley Cat. Notice the striation line down the centre of each Alley Cat line. It creates a feather like look to each stream.
The two spacers at the back are Indian Summer as well.

The photo also notes the CiM Alley Cat striation reaction against CiM Indian Summer.

The remaining beads in this set highlight CiM Allspice with it's mixtures of Effetre Light Ivory swirls. The round bead on the left is a base of Allspice with dots of Effetre Red Roof Tile and Wine Red.

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