Thursday, February 25

This week's new offerings...

Snow White
Fairy Tale Series #1
This set is NOW SOLD

Materials: CiM & Effetre Glasses

A dainty and spring-like combination of colours fit for a princess' tea-party!

CiM's Poison Apple & Peacock Green are matched with Effetre white
and Gold Rubino. Gold Rubino is a rich deep pink that gets its gorgeous
colour from the real gold dust used in making the glass.
With these glasses, this set is perfectly named Fairytale!

Goddess Bead Series #12
This Set is NOW SOLD

Materials: TAG, Effetre &
Double Helix Glasses

Nephele is the Greek myth name of a goddess of the clouds and mother of the centaurs, meaning "cloudy."

Encased storm portals of TAG & Double Helix silver infused glasses decorate
these beads over a base of Effetre Sediment & Dark Ivory glasses.
Highlights of Double Helix Psyche create the bling for this beautiful storm beads!

Patriot Waves
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM & Effetre Glasses

A simple yet colorful combination of a lovely brick red, CiM Lipstick Red,
Effetre Pearl Grey and Blue Adventurine Filigrana. These swirled flat tab
beads are coordinated with small flat tab spacers in each of the
three glass colours.

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