Wednesday, February 10

Wednesday - Mid Week Offerings

Sea Breeze Luster

This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Double Helix Glasses

Double Helix's rare test batch known as KA-357 was used as a base for this
mini set of 5 encased beads.
The gentle pink hue glows under the
Luster captured by reducing this glass in a zero
oxygen environment of the
torch flame.
The bead was then reduced and encased with Double Helix
clear glass, Aether.
Although it is difficult to photograph, the "mother of pearl"
luster is amazingly rich.

Psyche Vines

This set is NOW SOLD
Botanical Series #4
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses

This Olde English inspired set of 13 beads were created with a base of
CiM Stoneground
Handpulled microthin stringers of Double Helix's Psyche
were used to create the botanical
scrolls on the surface of the 8 flat tab bead
in this set.
To complement the botanical beads, Stoneground flat tab spacer
beads are included in this set.


This set is now SOLD
Goddess Jewel Series #9

"Rhiannon is the welsh myth name of a moon deity, and legend name of the
mother of Pryderi, probably derived from the Old Celtic title Rigantona,
meaning great queen."

Materials: Effetre, & Double Helix Glasses

Decorating these 7 Effetre Sage Green based beads are encased storm

portals of silver infused Double Helix's Olympic Rain & Triton.
Sealed with raised dots of gleaming Triton finish off this set along with
Sage Green spacers (6) are included in this set.

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