Sunday, February 14

Atlantis I
This set is now SOLD
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses

This legend inspired set of 19 beads were created with a base of CiM Hades, a
deep and dense black. Loaded in these beads are lots of Double Helix silver
infusedglass in Kronos frit, Electra stringers, Psyche shards and Triton accents.
Encased in Double Helix Aether, each of these beads was created as unique
pieces within this one of a kind set.

Steampunk Geometrics
This set is now SOLD

Materials: CiM Glasses

"Steampunk is a loose term used to describe an extraordinary fashion trend.
By remixing styles from the Victorian era, classic Goth, gypsy, and industrial fetish,steampunk fashion creates a unique and beautifully disturbing look."

This 19 bead set is inspired by the industrial infleunce of Steampunk.
On a base of the darkest green-almost black,CiM Slytherin Unique,CiM's Gunmetal glass was used as the detailing glass creating rivet looking dots, welding lines and gunmetal spacer beads.

Terranova Barrels
This set is now SOLD

Materials: Vetrofond & Double Helix Glasses

This set of 10 barrel beads was created on a base of creamy Vetrofond light
Ivory opaque glass. A generous sprinkling of Double Helix's, silver infused
striking glass,
Terranova was carefully added. The glass was swirled and
when struck in the flame, the beautiful feathered silver glass
bloomed in blues and greens.

Pebbles from Heaven
This set is now SOLD
Materials: Double Helix Glasses

In a combination of Double Helix Aurae and clear glass, this set of 12
pebble beads captured the pinks, blues, creams and purples that the
silver infused glass can bloom. Each Pendragonfyre bead is hand-formed,
never using a press or mold, making each a unique piece of each set.

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