Wednesday, February 17

Golden Lavender
This set is now SOLD
CiM & Double Helix Glasses

The antique look is captured in this set of round beads.

On a base of CiM Heffalump, the glass was gently fumed a golden cast when
Double Helix Aurae was reduced to bring the shimmering metallic glow
to the surface.

This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre &
Double Helix Glasses

"Poseidon was a very vengeful and moody deity.
When he was angry he would strike the ground with his trident and cause
rough seas, shipwrecks and drownings.
Calm seas were manifested when he was in a good mood."

Inspired by the mythical god, this set of 24 beads were created with a base of
Effetre Light Aqua. Loaded in these beads are lots of Double Helix silver
infused glass in Triton frit, Electra stringers and Triton accents. Encased in
Effetre Marine Wave, each of these beads was created as a unique pieces
within this one of a kind set.


This set is now SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glasses

An abundant set of 23 beads on a base of Yellow Ocher sprinkled with
frit glass creating hues of blues, greens blacks and whites.

24 metal spacers are included in this set

Aphros' Seafoam
CiM & Double Helix Glasses
This Set is now SOLD

"Aphros was the god of the sea-foam who, along with his brother Bythos,
carried Aphrodite ashore at her birth. "

Inspired by the mythical fish-tailed centaurs, this set of 21 beads is a simple
combination of CiM Kryptonite, a beautiful seafoam glass and Double Helix
silver glass god, Triton, in shards and dots.

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