Tuesday, February 23

End of February - Can you believe it?

The end of February is always a sign to me that winter is almost over... here in Atlantic Canada, the short month usually brings the cold northern wind and the windchill factor. 2010 has been unusually warmer, less snow.. so fingers crossed that it will continue until the tulips bloom in April.

Here are a couple of sets created this past weekend, that are now on E-Bay. Lots in the kiln that need to be cleaned yet, and will be posted on this blog in a day or so in advance of their auction postings on Ebay next Sunday evening.

Keep an eye out for February's orphans, as it is nearing the end of the month and the orphan jar is nearly full. These latest orphans will be posted as an auction next Sunday evening.

Dark Chocolate & Sandstone
Opposites Attract-Series #8
This Set is now SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glasses

Another study of opposites attract in this set of 16 simple dotted beads. Eight beads in Dark Red Chocolate Brown opaque with Sandstone dots and the other eight with the opposing combination.

Bonus: 4 dark Red Chocolate brown & 6 Sandstone spacers are included in this rich and earthy set.

The Deep Sea
This Set is now SOLD
"Beyond the sea, beyond the sea, My heart is gone, far, far from me;
And ever on its track will flee, My thoughts, my dreams, beyond the sea."
Thomas L. Peacock

Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

On a base of pale Aquamarine, Double Helix silver infused glasses, including Triton, Gaia, Psyche & Aurae, were sprinkled, reduced and encased to create these sea-inspired spheres. Coordinated with pale aquamarine spacers, this set captures a bit of the sea in each and every bead.

Goddess Bead Series #10
This Set is now SOLD
Erato is the Greek mythical name of the muse of poetry, derived from the Greek word arastos, meaning "lovely."

Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

Decorating these 7 Effetre Lichen based beads are encased storm portals of silver infused Double Helix's Olympic Rain & Ekho. Sealed with raised dots of gleaming Ekho finish off this set along with glittering Aurae spacers (6) which are included in this set

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