Thursday, August 13

Some new Unique Offerings For This Week!

Phoenix Embers
This Set is NOW SOLD
This set of 18 beads were created with a base of CiM's new orange red glass named Phoenix.This background create a rich and regal base for the Double Helix Aurae Shards that have been carefully placed on each bead to create a magical look.Each Aurae shard was gently reduced in the flame to bring out a metallic hue and the glitter shine of this silver glass!

Arwen's Hope
"From the ashes, a fire shall be woken. A light from the shadow shall spring. Renewed shall be blade that was broken. The crownless again shall be king."
Arwen Evenstar

This Set is NOW SOLD

This set is inspired by this beautiful midnight blue and blood red dress from the movie Return of the King. The colours are regal and these beads are a unique one of a kind tribute to this character and movie.

This one of a kind set of 24 beads was created with a bases of CiM Lipstick and Effetre Cobalt blue glasses. Hand pulled stringers and shards of Double Helix Aurae create the hand drawn scrollwork , dots and wraps on each bead. The Aurae reduced to a glittery goodness!

This Set is NOW SOLD
This spectacular set of 16 beads were created with a base of Vetro Lemongrass.
Dewdrops of Double Helix new striking glass, Ekho was added, struck and reduced to mother of pearl shine and then encased to create the colourful droplets of colour of the silver infused glass.
The result is gentle hues of amber, palest pinks and blues in each encased bubble.

Enjoy your Week!


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