Sunday, August 9

Here are 2 new sets for this week, now posted on Ebay!
Autumn Requiem

This set is NOW SOLD
This Autumn inspired set of 22 beads were created with a combination of
CiM Pumpkin, Unique Tamarind and Effetre Orange Punch,
Dark Amber and Butter Yellow.

Although it is only August, it is a good time to start on your Fall bead
collections. This rich combination of hues will create a sophisication to both
casual and business jewelry

Fairy Jewels
This set is NOW SOLD
This spectacular set of 12 beads were created with a base of
CiM Simply Berry. Fairy Jewel droplets of Double Helix Psyche glass was added,
reduced to metallic shine and then encased to create the colourful
droplets of colour of the silver infused glass.

Encased bubbles, scrolls and dots create this collection of Fairy jewels for you!

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