Thursday, August 6

2 New sets for this Week.

Botanical Raku
This Set is now SOLD
Botanical Series#1

This Olde English inspired set of 18 beads were created with a centre of honey coloured transparent encased with Dark Ivory opaque glass. Raku rods was used to create handpulled microthin stringers that were used to create the botanical scrolls on the surface of each flat tab and round bead in this set.

The Purple Knight
This Set is now SOLD
This set of 16 beads were created with a base of CiM's Grape Ape.

This background create a rich and regal base for the Double Helix Psyche Shards that have been carefully placed on each bead to create a mystical armour like look.
Each Psyche shard was gently reduced in the flame to bring out a metallic hue and the glitter shine of Psyche silver glass!

Til next post,
Pendragonfyre Designs

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