Sunday, August 30

New E-Bay Offerings

Asian Plumes
Materials: Silver, Vetrofond & Double Helix Glasses


This Asian inspired set of 17 beads were created on a base of Vetrofond's Lemongrass.

A generous wrapping of 99% pure silver foil was burnished into the surface creating microdrops of silver to which Double Helix Triton, a silver infused glass frit was sprinkled. The glass when struck and reduced in the flame, it gently fumed the silver foil to a golden glow, outlining each droplet of Triton silver glass.

Autumn Vines
Botanical Series #3
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses


This Harvest inspired set of 20 beads were created with a unique batch of CIM's Pumpkin Unique-1. This unique batch created a rich burnt sienna semi-opaque glass rather than the bright Halloween style orange.
This caramel hued glass is not longer available for sale, so I have a small amount of it to share with you. Once it is gone, it is gone forever!

This glass has been paired with Double Helix's Aurae to create glittering botantical vines on the pumpkin base. Along with pure pumpkin spacers and pumpkin rounds encased with Aurae, this set is perfect for Autumn 2009.

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