Sunday, August 2

My Vacation is almost over.... but I have new beads!!

A few new beads from my time off from the dayjob... It was great to spent more time at the torch this week.
I am working on a new style of beads based on a technique I learned from a fellow lampworker. These beads are currently in the kiln and will be posted on ebay this coming Wednesday.
Based on the popularity of my Tiara series, these new beads will start a new series of historical inspired botanical scrolled beads... I am SO Excited!!

Some of the sets are currently on e-Bay and the others are being posted later this evening.

Venetian Mosaics
This Set is now SOLD
CiM's Canyon de Chelly rolled in 99% pure silver foil and Double Helix's silver infused Terranova frit. The frit was struck in the flame to create the almost mosaic like surface.
The Amber Room Tiara
Tiara Series #12

This Set is now SOLD
Effetre's Medium Topaz and Double Helix Aurae scrolls.
This set includes the 5mm genuine semi-precious Sunstones.

Forest Dewdrops

This Set is now SOLD
Vetrofond's Lichen with dewdroplets of Double Helix silver glasses, including Psyche, Nyx, Gaia, Terranova and Triton. Some dots of Silvered Ivory Stringer are also included on some beads to create a set both shimmering as well as organic and natural.

English Country Club
This Set is now SOLD
Effetre Wine Red and ASK's Silver Cinnamon swirls that were reduced over a base of CiM's Desert Pink. The reduction fumed the base to a earthy pink rose.
Sunken Treasure
This Set is now SOLD
Effetre's Dark Emerald green transparent glass as the base with Double Helix Triton used to create uniquely unexpected details under the clear encased surface.
As the Triton is reduced and restruck in the flame, the designs are formed and captured under an encasement of crystal clear glass.

Til next time!

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