Friday, February 24

February Flashback - More Favorite CiM - Creation Is Messy colors!

CiM's Canoe Ltd Run is an opaque silver brown that changes tone as it is worked in the flame. This can create blushes of russet and red brown in the final beads. As shown in the photo below, each bead was wrapped with silver wire and the result was clean with no reactions.
It melted easily with no shockiness.

This mini set of Silvertrail beads were created on a base of CiM Peace, a pure white opaque glass. By wrapping 99% Fine Silver Wire around it bead, a reaction occurred to
fume a golden glow to the wire at the points were it adhered to the white glass.

This glittering set of beads was created with a base of CiM's Poison Apple green glass on which Double Helix Aurae Light was streamed with handmade threadlike stringers.
Each bead was then reduced to bring out the glorious metallic bling!

This glittering set of beads was created with a base of CiM's Halong Bay, a blue moonstone, on which Double Helix silver glass, Aurae frit was added and reduced to glittery goodness!

This set of 11 goddess series beads was created on a base of CiM's Marigold opaque glass. Each goddess bead was then layered with dots of Effetre Dark Ivory and a mixture of CiM's Hades and TAG Golden Emerald silver infused glasses.
The combination of the glasses create delicate storms captured under each clear glass portal. Double Helix OK 381, complete the metallic highlight droplets on each bead. Marigold spacer beads complete this set.

I have checked availability of these glasses as In Stock on Nortel Glass' online shopping cart.
Reach out to Jean or Jennifer at Nortel to add some of these glasses to next glass order!


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