Monday, February 20

February Flashback - Digging into the CiM - Creation Is Messy Archives - Part 3

With the hundreds of colors that CiM - Creation Is Messy has created in their extensive palette since 2006, so many colors are small batch offerings that I know many lampwork artists cherish and save in their collections for those perfect opportunities to use them in their designs.

In this post, I am highlighting a few more of my favourite CiM Archive glasses that I have used over the years, have still a few rods in my collection and I encourage other glass artists to explore them.

Each glass is showing as currently available through Nortel Glass in Toronto, as well I am sure may be readily available online outside of Canada for USA customers.
With the USD$ dollar exchange rate, I still lean toward Nortel as my supplier of choice.

As a CiM glass tester, my tests usually pair new glass colors with silver. 
I use 99% fine silver wire, foil and silver infused glass from Double Helix.

In all my blog posts, I document each glass combination testing notes to use an archive of information that I am willing to share with fellow artists.
I have been blogging each and every bead set I have created since back in 2008 as a newbie to glass art.

Now let's get to today's beads!

This set has a base of CiM Candlelight Ltd Run, a lovely transparent yellow, with these lovely shards created subtle patterns.
Hand-blown glass shards of CiM’s Chocolate Ltd Run with silvered ivory. Chocolate is a cloudy brown transparent that is true to it's name.

In response to requests for streaky rods, CiM - Creation is Messy created a new limited run color named Yangtze with "a core of clear, encased in transparent yellowish green, encased in clear."

The description doesn't sound all that exciting, so I was not sure what to test with it. When this happens, it is always better to go simple - less is more. So I paired it with 99% fine silver wire.
There was just a slight reaction to the silver with small trails. There was some scumming and micro-bubbles, but I encouraged it from the glass as it gave an antiqued sea glass glow even though I left them with a shiny gloss finish.
The result is a simple yet elegant set of beads that would be awesome in a ivory bridal set of silver jewelry.

This set of beads was created on a base of CiM Ltd Run, Frangipani, very pale opal purple. Double Helix's Aurae frit was generously sprinkled and reduced the glass to a golden sheen and metallic shine!

CiM's Indian Summer Ltd Run is a transparent brown that strikes to a rich color. In the middle bead below I simply wrapped some 99% fine silver wire and the glass color stayed true with no adverse fuming or color change in comparison to the spacers.

Reach out to Nortel to order these glasses before they are gone.


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