Wednesday, February 15

February Flashback - Favorite CiM - Creation Is Messy colors paired with Double Helix!

I have checked availability of these glasses as In Stock on Nortel Glass' online shopping cart.

Reach out to Jean or Jennifer at Nortel to add some of these glasses to your new CiM - Creation Is Messy colors for 2023.

First up is CiM Vampire Ltd Run is an opaque red that I knew would work amazingly with Double Helix striking silver glass. This set started with a base of Vampire. 

Streams of Double Helix Terra 2 was struck and reduced, copper foil oak and dragonfly inclusions were added and each bead was encased in clear Double Helix Zephyr glass. 

This set has a variety of round, barrel and flat tab bead shapes to complete a set of beads just waiting for the perfect jewelry design.

Next up:
Starting with an inner core of CiM Hades, a darkest black opaque glass, these beads were generously sprinkled with a custom blend of Double Helix silver infused frit.

After reducing the beads to bring out the beautiful colors of blue and green, each bead was encased in Effetre clear to capture the opal-like shine of the silver glass and was shaped into the flat tab shape.

To bring out the true bling of these beads, hand-drawn dots were scattered on these beads and reduced to bring the golden shine to the surface.

CiM Limelight is described as "a clean, cool green with no hints of yellow with a tendency to develop micro bubbles". I did see this in the plain spacers, but when I used it to encase, the bubbling was not as noticeable.

First up, the "recipe" was Limelight base, layer of silver glass, encase with more Limelight and scrolls/dots of Aurae Light. 

This green is pure and clean, I really like the result!
It is a beautiful pale tint to encase silver glass reactions. 

Next up, a simpler look of the encased silver glass reaction. The Double Helix Psyche glass was reduced and then encased with Limelight to capture the blues/ pinks and amber hues.



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