Saturday, February 18

February Flashback - Digging into the CiM - Creation Is Messy Archives - Part 2

More beautiful glass from the CiM Archives to flashback on sets of beads made with colors that are listed as Sold Out on the CiM website, but I have checked availability of these glasses as In Stock on Nortel Glass' online shopping cart.
Reach out to Jean or Jennifer to add some of these glasses to your new CiM - Creation Is Messy colors for 2023.
CiM's Circus Tent Ltd Run with it’s color streamers suspended within the clear glass. I capped the ends with Double Helix Aurae silver glass.

These 2 beads were created on a based on CiM Serengeti. This is an opaque earthy brown with red undertonesI made hand-blown glass shards of a Double Helix test glass named DH OX459. These shine beautiful when added to the Serengeti base bead.
CiM - Creation Is Messy’s Rosaline Pink Ltd Run is a pale cloudy pink transparent that was very shocky to melt. Double Helix's Kalypso silver glass was added to create wispy flame like waves within this focal bead with a few copper dragonfly encased in clear Zephyr. The spacers are pure Rosaline Pink.

This focal bead was created with CiM Jetstream. This transparent blue is a hue that can be compared to a deep sapphire blue which you can see in the spacer bead.

I paired it with some Double Helix Triton silver glass as well as a wrapping of 99% fine silver wire. After I shaped it into a barrel, I decided it needed more bling. 

I created the ruffle and dipped it into Triton fine frit. After multiple meltings and reductions, the silver metallic shine came through.
This is definitely a unique bead and I am pleased with how it transformed.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more February Flashbacks until the end of the month.


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