Monday, April 27

CiM 2020 New Colors - Round 4

Let's dig into Round 4 of my CiM - Creation is Messy 2020 Testing. The new colors and types of glass was plentiful and it has been a pleasure trying new techniques and combinations with each new color.

CiM - Creation Is Messy’s new Sea Glass Ltd Run is a pale green misty opal that melted smoothly and worked well with Double Helix silver glass to create wispy flame like waves within this focal bead. The spacers are pure Sea Glass.

A bright misty opal blue, CiM’s new Goddess Ltd Run is a happy blue like Paradise, it’s translucent sister glass. Simple round beads with Grape Lolly shards from thepurplelilydesigns.

CiM’s Paradise Ltd Run is a perfect pair for Double Helix’s Aurae silver glass frit. The glass stayed rich and translucent. 

In this set of dotted beads, 3 of the new CiM - Creation Is Messy 2020 glasses were combined: Ice Mint, Summer Haze and just a bit of Heather. Each was dotted with Double Helix Oracle Black.  

New CiM - Creation is Messy’s Lemongrass Ltd Run decorated with mixed frit of hot colors. This glass melted smoothly with no issues. Spacers are solid Lemongrass which maintained it’s translucency in each bead

Another experiment with copper foil in these dragonfly beads. Base glass is CiM Peacock Feathers Ltd, an opal blue that stays transculent. Wispy streams of Double Helix OX 459 test glass were reduced and encased to complete these bicone barrel beads. Spacers are solid Peacock Feathers glass.

These crystal shaped beads were created on a base of CiM Witches’ Brew with Quazar shards and silver wire encased in clear glass. The spacers are pure Witches’ Brew. The shards had some reaction to the silver but the result is a rich deep bead set with lots of depth.

New CiM - Creation is Messy’s Persian Green Ltd Run decorated with Val Cox Fleeting Beauty glass frit.  This glass melted smoothly with no issues. Spacers are solid Persian Green which maintained it’s translucency in each bead.

This focal bead is a combination of CiM - Creation Is Messy’s new Sea Glass Ltd Run with a centre stripe of CiM Firedragon.  Layers of clear and Double Helix silver glass was added and encased to create the rich magenta pink. The spacers are pure Sea Glass.

CiM’s Watermelon is an interesting “cloud power” glass that is new from CiM. The rod that I was given to test had quite a few bubbles making it a bit shocky so prewarming it in the kiln was necessary to conserve the glass.
This set of beads used CiM Unicorn as a base with Watermelon encasement and CIM original Poison Apple ends. Note this is the older formula of Poison Apple that turns opaque after annealing. I am looking forward to re-testing this same style of bead with the reformulated Poison Apple released this spring to see it as a translucent. Dots of Double Helix Oracle Black created clean dots on each bead. Spacers are solid Watermelon and Poison Apple.

A core of CiM Firedragon Ltd run with layers of clear, silver glass and 99% fine silver wire created this flat focal bead. A crystal shape with similar layering was was decorated with Oracle Black dots.
So that is the Round 4 of test results. Check back next week for another post of glassy goodness!



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