Sunday, April 5

CiM 2020 New Colors - Round 3

Happy to share today Round 3 of my CiM - Creation Is Messy 2020 Ltd Run color testing.

New CiM -Creation is Messy’s Lady of the Lake, a pale green opal that remains translucent, is decorated with Val Cox Geneva glass frit. I did find the glass a bit shocky, but warming it in the kiln a bit prior to introducing it to the flame worked perfectly. Spacers are solid Lady of the Lake.

New CiM - Creation is Messy’s Lovebirds is a lime green opal that also remains translucent. I tested it with another frit by Val Cox named Pink Lipstick. Melted smoothly with no reactivity issues. Spacers are solid Lovebirds.

I enjoyed testing Double Helix silver glass with CiM's new Firedragon. This was a melt of CiM's standard Sangre red which I have have made many beads with Double Helix glass. CiM chose to make this color a limited run as it is just a tad more orange. I really like it as it works beautifully with Double Helix glass and produces some beautiful beads. It works well using CiM Clear between the layers. Encase with DH Zephyr for best silver color reactions. 

If you omit the clear glass separating layer, the reaction will bloom with deeper blues and ambers making for a much darker toned bead. As a result, the Firedragon becomes more brown in tone.

Up next is CiM’s Andrew paired with Pachamama. Andrew is blue opal that is smooth and what I would say is a happy blue. Pachamama is a silver laden yellow glass with swirls of blues. Silvered ivory stringer and 99% silver wire completes focal bead.

CiM Pachamama Ltd Run is perfect to pair with Double Helix silver murrini and OX459 emerald green luster. I used Double Helix Zephyr to encase and capture the mother of pearl busters and pastel colors. Spacers are simply Pachamama.

These beads are a combination of CiM’s new Toothpaste opal green and Double Helix silver glasses. The watery blue is DH Kronos mixed with clear glass. Silver glitter adorns the Toothpaste ends to note beautiful compatibility between CiM and the silver glass. Loving these colors together for summer.

I also tried Andrew in simple frit beads with Val Cox Flaming June blend. Andrew melted smoothly with no issues but I think we have a compatibility issue or failure of the beadmaker to keep it warm enough. Spacers are solid Andrew.

CiM’s new Cotton Ltd Run is an opal white that remains translucent out of the kiln. I tested it with my Gaffer glass purple mix in water-colour stringers.
The plain Cotton spacers show the glass delivers on its opal promise.

We have many more colors to test and review, so stay tuned for Round 4.



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