Thursday, October 5

New CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Chrysalis and Siren

In the latest selection of new CiM - Creation is Messy colors, two new greens are introduced and at first glance I knew I needed to combine them in a set.

I paired these two limited run colors with twists of silver ivory stringer and hand pressed them into free formed flat tab beads.

Chrysalis Ltd Run is described as an opal green that works out almost to an opaque. It was smooth to work with with no stockiness. 

Siren Ltd Run is a nice green transparent however it needs to be worked very cool to prevent bubbling. 

I am blaming this on the beadmaker rather than the glass as I did work the glass as I cooled and reheated the glass in forming the beads. 

In this set, the bubbles adds to the “sea-side” look in these beads.

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