Monday, October 9

New CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Blues and Greens - Tardis and Juniper

Blues and Greens - CiM - Creation Is Messy offers many hues of limited runs and the color palette is wide across the spectrum from olive greens to teal greens, from grey blues to deep indigos.

This season only two blues was introduced, CiM's Poolside teal transparent and CiM’s Tardis Ltd Run

Tardis is an opal blue that I paired with a basic frit and formed it into cubes.
It is a muted blue base and flowed beautifully as a great background for Valerie Cox’s Sunflower Fields artisan frit.

There were 5 true greens in this season’s offerings. I first tested Chrysalis and Siren Ltd Runs. Click here for the post

I have another to share with you below. 
This is CiM’s Juniper Ltd Run. It is a dense opaque green that I tried in different ways.

I tried it with Double Helix silver infused Triton and melted it in a hot flame and allowed it to flow and stream. I was testing to see if when worked hot and then encased with CiM Siren transparent green and formed in a heart.

I also tried CiM's Juniper Ltd Run paired with other CiM colors, Tardis, Bone and rare Indigo within a multi-layered spotted bead. 
CiM’s Bone Ltd Run is new and melts as a nice non-reactive ivory that spread evenly. 
CiM’s Indigo Ltd Run, now sold out, is a dense dark transparent blue and stood out on the bead’s shoulders. 
I found Tardis, being an opal, seemed to become washed out as it spread over the centre of the bead.

Finally, the last bead (left side) was a base of Juniper and portals of Double Helix stormed Triton layered over drops of CiM Indigo and capped with clear glass portals.

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