Monday, October 9

CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Poolside, Enchanted and Rapunzel

It is early Thanksgiving morning here on the east coast of Canada. The autumn season has arrived and the colors are brilliant!
I have a few more sets of beads to share with you from my recent testing for the new season’s color offerings from CiM - Creation Is Messy.
First up, CiM Poolside Ltd Run, a transparent teal.
I am a avid fan of pairing transparent glass with metallics. It reminds me of evening gowns and dramatic jewelry designs.
In this set, Poolside was paired with Double Helix silver infused Aurae frit. The frit was reduced to glittering droplets.

Continuing with the transparent and metallic pairings, CiM’s Enchanted Ltd Run was complemented by Double Helix Aurae shards. The silver glass seems to fume a golden hue over the transparent purple glass.

CiM’s Enchanted Ltd Run is a beautiful transparent purple that when I first opened the box of test glasses attracted directly to the other purple offered this season. CiM’s Rapunzel Ltd Run. This is a bright opaque purple that I describe as a happy color with pink undertones.
I paired the 2 glasses in hand rolled barrel beads with silvered ivory stringer twists. I really love the two colors together. 

Enchanted worked in a cooler flame has no bubbles. I did find that Rapunzel needed to be warmed gently to reduce any shockiness in the glass. Once it was warm it flowed smoothly and evenly.

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