Sunday, April 16

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Hemoglobin

A new red from CiM - Creation Is Messy
CiM over the past few years has introduced a number of new red limited runs. I have been fortunate to test them prior to their general release.

My fellow bead artists know how hard it is to get a reliable and beautiful red. Sangre has been my favorite out of all of the current glass palettes available. I always get a rich and glossy red that went into a set that was published in Bead Trends August 2010 magazine. 

Here was the set called Heart of the Matador. See the full post here.

I was super excited to see the most recent one based on what was posted on the preview page.
"Hemoglobin is a mismelt of Sangre. It is very close to Sangre- many of our testers suggested we "pass" it. However, we know many artists use Sangre for production work. Based on the slight difference we are now calling this batch Hemoglobin.

We are offering Hemoglobin at a reduced price to Sangre"

Now on to Hemoglobin Ltd Run
I wanted to see if it worked with silver glass as well as Sangre did and below is a photo of some flat tab beads with Double Helix silver glass murrini and Triton dots. The color stayed a true red with no liver or browning. Definitely a keeper!

It is glossy, rich, and AWESOME! As noted above it is being offered as a limited run at a reduced price, so grab it while it lasts.

Til next time.

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