Sunday, April 16

New CiM Colors for Spring 2017 - New Green Hues

This post will introduce you to more new green hues that CiM - Creation is Messy has released this season.
Note that these colors are limited runs, so grab them up while they last!

First up, CiM's Peridot Ltd Run. 
Described as a "transparent gemstone green". It is a yellow green almost pale in hue.
I wanted to test it against silver glass, so I sprinkled one of my "go-to" fine frit, Double Helix Ekho.  With the frit coating, you don't see the micro-bubbles that occur when you work the glass in a warmer flame, so if you want crystal clear beads, definitely work in a cooler flame.

Described as a "natured inspired transparent green". I love this green as it is not too yellow and not too blue. Just right as a spring green.
I paired it as a base in my goddess style beads with layers of Effetre Light Ivory, CiM's rare Black Currant Ltd Run and some Double Helix mystery silver glass (maybe a Terra). 
The portals ranged in pinks and blues with some micro storms. 
The single bead on the right side shows the color of the glass alone. The silver glass didn't fume and the green shade stayed true.

Next up, CiM's Inchworm.
This is a juicy bright opal green!
I wanted to run it through several tests so making some bigger hole beads were in order.

This set from left to right:
1. Single spacer bead showing the true color in all it's glory!
2. Wrapped in DH Triton silver glass shards.
3. A Goddess bead with DH Kronos portals
4. Simply wrapped in 99% fine silver wire. 
5. Single spacer bead
6. Barrel bead with streams of rare DH Kronos melted in.

This glass works beautifully with silver with no adverse reaction lines. It seems to have an inner glow that is bright and cheerful for this spring and summer!

Spring is here and the greens have it!

Have a great week!

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