Monday, April 17

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Cornsilk and Sea Mist

This post has some new Big Hole Beads in two of the new colors from CiM - Creation is Messy for Spring 2017. Both are limited edition glasses only available for a limited time.

First up, CiM's Cornsilk.
Described as "a soft opal yellow".  I really like this color as it is not reactive to silver so it can be used with layers of silver glass or wire without that yucky brown reaction.
I really like this color for it's buttery look and inner glow. 

The photo below the set shouldered by plain spacers and:

  • Second from the left is paired with fine silver wire
  • Second from the right is my goddess style bead with portals of Double Helix Kalypso silver infused glass layered over rare CiM Black Current Ltd Run and captured under clear glass portals.

A new blue-grey glass, CiM's Sea Mist.
This is a new offering from CiM, a veiled glass described as a core of clear, encased in transparent blue, encased in clear. This "streaky" glass created an "sea glass" style of bead with lots of potential. I liked working with it and any bubbles that normally can drive a bead artist crazy. I think it added to the end result. 
Again with testing, I like to try different techniques (left to right)

  • Base of Sea Mist with my handblended Pendragonfyre frit. The purple rose in the frit really bloomed with no icky reaction to the raku within the frit.
  • Base of Sea Mist with some Triton shards and dots. Notice that the silver glass fumed the Sea Mist to a light grey tone.
  • Last bead is wrapped in 99% fine silver wire. If you look closely, there is a slight reaction to the silver, but it gives off an antique look with the base glass. 

Til next time,

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