Tuesday, April 18

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Two Shades of Brown

The varieties of browns in the glass palette across all manufacturers can be limited to grey based or orange based browns. To find a brown that is a true caramel-chocolate is difficult and elusive.

Let's take a look at these limited runs.

First up, CiM's Van Dyke Brown Ltd Run.
Described as a opaque dark brown that when used in plain spacers has potential to bring out caramel tones. I experimented using it with Effetre light ivory and some silvered ivory stringers I had on my studio table. It definitely created webbing and striations where the glasses met. If you like mixing glasses or an organic feel, this glass would be worth experimenting with. 

Next up, CiM's Safari Ltd Run.
Described as "a yellow-toned opaque brown". I tested it with a sprinkling of Glass Diversions Coffee Bean frit. 
This created a striated look that reminded me of a giraffe print. 
The spare tab bead is the true color of Safari with no frit.  
Although there is little "caramel chocolate" in this brown glass, I can definitely see it's potential for animal or exotic prints.

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