Friday, November 5

New Friday Blog Series - "Inspired By"

All of us, at times, find ourselves looking for inspiration. That "muse" we seek as artisans sometimes seems to wander a bit too far from us. This week has been "one of those times" in which based on the presssures, of the outside world, can cause each one of us to refocus on why we are artists in the first place.

I sat in my studio surrounded by 100's of glass rods waiting for that "inspired" moment where a palette of colors would magically come together. Normally that is how I work. I never plan to make specific beads in each studio session, but rather channel the muse instead.

Since I received CiM's unique rods to try, I have wanted to create special sets to show off both the beauty of the colors as well as the compatiability of the colours within a color palette itself.

I subscribe to a number of non-bead blogs, from cooking, photography and even a bridal blog. You may ask why a bridal blog, having been married for over 10 years. This particular blog is more than just a site for brides... it is truly an inspirational site for those who design and create.

It is simply known as The Inspired Bride by blogger Maddy (Susser) Hague.
This Friday's blog posting is based on a set of simple dotted beads inspired by a color palette Maddy placed on her site on Oct 29th, click here to see the palette:
Color Card 102: Marigold Yellow, Pearl, Stone Gray, Warm Charcoal

These simply dotted beads were created from the following CiM - Creation is Messy glasses:
and Effetre Pearl Grey.

Check out new Inspired By blog postings each Friday here at Pendragonfyretales!


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