Monday, November 8

This week is unusual for me...time away from the studio

Well it is official, I am taking a week away from everything to spend with the family.... away from the daytime IT career and away from my glass studio.

I think this is the first time in 3 years... and the first few days were hard to get used to..

Had a great time on Saturday catching up with some bead colleagues at the Toronto Bead Society fall show. Great to see Sue Hood (Glassharp), Stephanie (the Dixon Chick) and Diane Henry-Baratta. Stephanie and Diane were the first to teach me how to crochet beads and wire together at last year's show. That was lots of fun!

Sunday, took in a show... Rock of Ages.. I will have to say, it was great, the music was a fun ride through the eighties and the cast didn't take themselves so seriously that it was full of laughs too. I have to give a shout out for Aaron Wampole as Lonny. For those in Canada, Aaron was a runner-up in Season 3 of Canadian Idol, so it was great to see him in this production as it proves that a little break and lots of confidence can get you into show business.

Although I am away from the studio, there were a few new items posted last night on Ebay, including  a set of orphans, so be sure to check them out. Click on the icon at the top right of this page.

Psyche Streams
This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM and Double Helix Glasses

On a base of dark grey, CiM Charcoal, streams of limited edition silver infused
glass, Psyche Light, flows around each round bead in hues of blue and golden metallics.

The glittering shine from these beads is amazing!

Get a headstart on your holiday jewelry designs with this set of 10 bling-filled beads!

This Set is NOW Sold
Silver Trails Series #37

Materials: Effetre Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This simple and classic set of 21 Silvertrail beads combine the hues of Effetre
Light Ivory and Light Turquoise glasses wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.

This Set is NOW Sold
Goddess Bead Series #60

"Memory. Greek myth name of one of the three original Muses, daughters of Mnemosyne."

Materials: CiM, Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 11 goddess series beads were created on a base of CiM Charcoal
with layered dots of Effetre Dark Ivory. Double Helix's silver infused
Psyche, Trautman Art Glass Absinthe and Cobalt Blue transparent
storm and shine under each encased glass portal to create hues of blues, greens and purples.

This set also includes 4 spacer beads of Effetre Lapis Blue.
Highlights of DH Aurae silver glass create the bling for this beautiful portal beads!

BONUS: Metal spacers are included in this set.

November Orphans
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: CiM, Effetre, Trautman Art and Double Helix Glasses

This set of orphans are the various color and bead trials over the past 6 weeks.
Lots created with silver glass and 99% fine silver wire!
Lots of shapes and sizes including barrels, hearts, flat tabs and rounds.

With 103 beads, there is lots of opportunity for many jewelry and art ideas.

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