Friday, November 12

Friday's series - Inspired By "Magical" by Jason Samfield

Originally uploaded by Jason A. Samfield

When I saw this photo by Jason on Flickr, it immediately reminded me of a new glass that I have had so much fun experimenting with over the past few weeks.

CiM' - Creation is Messy's Razzleberry.  I first tried it simply as some spacer beads (on a previous blog post) and the colour is a translucent hot pink... very pretty.

Pink glass is traditionally a color that seems to react unusually to silver infused glass, and the result is not always a good one.

Razzleberry is one of those reactions that I fell in love with!

Golden Razzleberry
This set is NOW SOLD

This set is a base of Razzleberry with shards and dot of Double Helix Aurae glass.
The result is a golden kissed amber over the pink...

Love it for winter as it is rich and luxurious... not the pinks we see in spring and summer!

Be inspired today!

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