Monday, November 22

End of November- The push for holiday shopping is ON!

"Black Friday, the U.S. kickoff to the year’s biggest shopping season, officially takes place this week, the day after American Thanksgiving.
Cyber Monday – the Monday after U.S. Thanksgiving that has become the e-commerce equivalent of Black Friday – is gaining momentum. This year, 17 per cent of consumers plan to shop online that day, compared with 13 per cent last year, according to Consumer Reports."
Source: Globe & Mail

Not sure if you are ready for the busy last minute shopping, but certainly check out all the great gift ideas at the online artisan sites, including Artfire and Ebay!

To all those that have support artisans in 2010, thank you!

Here are a few new items posted over the past week!

Golden Peace
Silver Trails Series #38

This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This mini set of 10 Silvertrail beads were created on a base of
CiM Peace, a pure white opaque glass.

By wrapping 99% Fine Silver Wire around it bead, a reaction occurred to
fume a golden glow to the wire at the points were it adhered to the white glass.

French Petitpoint
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glasses

This set of 17 dotted beads and 6 matching spacer beads combine the
shades of CiM Creamsicle Unique #2, French Blue and Peace.

With these 23 beads, there is lots of options for glass art jewelry with this set.

Organix Sedona Pearl
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glasses

This 18 bead set was created with combinations of Effetre
Sedona Pink, Pearl Gray opaque and clear glasses.
Sedona Pink is a muted glass that has striations of rose, mauve and ambers.

The bead set was etched to bring out the organix stone like finish.

Psyche Flowers
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM and Double Helix Glasses

This 7 barrel bead set was created on a base of CiM Butter Pecan, creamy opaque beige, on which blossoms of Double Helix silver glass, Psyche Light were placed, reduced
and encased in clear glass.
Dots of Double Helix Aurae highlight each flower centre and along the shoulders of the beads.

BONUS: 8 Champagne 5mm & 4 Light Rose 4mm crystal faceted
glass spacers are included in this set.

Goddess Bead Series #61

This set is NOW SOLD
"Old Norse myth name of the Norn of the present, meaning necessity"

Materials: CiM, Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 13 goddess series beads were created on a base of CiM Chai, a limited run light brown opaque glass with layered dots of Effetre Dark Ivory & CiM Hades.
Double Helix's silver infused Gaia glows under each opal like encased glass portal.

This set also includes 6 spacer beads of CiM's Chai.
Highlights of DH Aurae silver glass create the bling for this beautiful portal beads!

On Artfire:
Bits and Pieces

Aqua Silver beads PLUS 2 FOCALS
Materials: Effetre, Double Helix Glasses & 99% Fine Silver 

This set of encased beads created on a base of Effetre Aquamarine. Some beads have a selection of stringer trails of rare Double Helix silver glass known as Psyche Light or wraps of 99% fine silver wire and encased with Effetre Pale Aquamarine glass.

Within this set are two focal beads--- a heart and a flat tab bead.
Metal spacers are included in this set as noted in photo.

Silver Trails Lampwork-Set of 5 Lightest Plum Beads
Materials: CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

A cheerful set of 5 beads were created on a base of very light CiM Plum Unique 511658-3 glass wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.

Bullseye Glass- 6 Light Fuschia Spacer Beads
Materials: Bullseye Glasses

A bright set of 6 spacer beads were created with Bullseye's Light Fuschia Pink glass.

Commission Sets:
Moonlight Sonata- Bead Trends Original Set

This bead set is the original set that was published in the national magazine, Bead Trends - September 2010 issue.
In the magazine, these 7 beads were fashioned into a bracelet, along with light beige faceted crystal spacers and a simple Sterling silver toggle clasp.
The purchaser has the choice of using the bracelet as it was designed, or refashioning the beads into their own creation.

Source: Bead Trends- Sept 2010 Issue

Materials: CiM, Effetre and Double Helix Glasses.

Starting with an inner core of CiM Hades, a darkest black opaque glass, these beads were generously sprinkled with a custom blend of Double Helix silver infused frit.
After reducing the beads to bring out the beautiful colors of blue and green, each bead was encased in Effetre clear to capture the opal-like shine of the silver glass and was shaped into the flat tab shape.
To bring out the true bling of these beads, hand-drawn dots were scattered on these beads and reduced to bring the golden shine to the surface.

BONUS:8 round 5mm light beige crystal faceted beads are included in this set.

Moonlight Sonata #2

This bead set has beads averaging 17mm to 22mm hole to hole.

Moonlight Sonata #3

This bead set has beads averaging 21mm to 24mm hole to hole.

Have a great week!

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